Transcend Onsite Care offers primary healthcare to employers without the rising costs and hassle of our traditional insurance model. By purchasing primary care through Transcend, employers eliminate industry mark ups reaching the true cost of care. Secure quality health care 24 hours a day plus unlimited urgent care for your employees while attracting and retaining the best talent simultaneously with a Transcend Onsite Care Business Plan today!



1. Philosophy of Transparency  ASCEND upholds full disclosure of claim accuracy and associated payments as a baseline in every relationship. Drug benefits are an expense — accountability and traceability should be expected. ASCEND passes through a share of ALL rebate monies.

2. A comprehensive PBM model that champions mutual success. Integrated compounding and specialty pharmacy services are a key component. Granular on-demand reporting comes standard via ASCEND Reports.We will monitor plan performance and deliver ongoing updates to bring value to you and your members.

3. The right size for a perfect fit. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the client-centricity of a specialized provider for the clout and capabilities of a big-box PBM. ASCEND gives you the best of both worlds to provide immediate, sustainable solutions that will dovetail into your new or existing program. Having worked with health plans covering 200,000 people, as well as others covering 25, our flexibility is a testament to our ability to create and deliver value in any situation.

4. Responsive account management delivers concierge service. We make it easy for you to administer your prescription benefit plan.

5. Innovative offerings such as pharmacogenetic testing, and opioid utilization reduction through compounding. Integrated within the PBM offerings, these cutting-edge services offer new ways to manage prescription drug spending.

The ASCEND PBM Program continues to be a hallmark of the way pharmacy benefits should work — comprehensively, efficiently, and for the benefit of sponsors and members.

Today, there is truly no parallel in terms of capability, efficiency, and real-world utility.


At OptiMed, they care about all aspects of the patient health care journey. This means ensuring that every part of the service they provide is done so with compassion, accountability, reliability, and excellence. Whether you are a patient or a healthcare provider, you can be confident you’ve chosen a partner that will deliver the quality of care you deserve.